Apps we've built.

We love doing this so much that we made these…

G.E.M. for research teams


GEM (Global Ecosystem Monitoring network) is an application built for the Oxford Martin School, Oxford University that promotes collaboration and communication between the geographers investigating field sites worldwide.

The site facilitates data sharing and communication between the project members using sophisticated user rights management, whilst also providing the public facing pages for global outreach of the projects.

The site is currently in the beta testing phase but can be accessed via the temporary holding domain.

SMEasure for energy monitoring


The SMEasure system monitors energy usage in small to medium businesses. The tool was designed by building energy researchers from Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute and is live in multiple countries in different languages, with users including over 150 creative industry organisations.

TidyApps maintain the tool and have been responsible for recent updates including new data displays of the tool’s sophisticated energy analysis, and introducing the community functionality, enabling users to group together multiple buildings within a single account, and multiple users to join communities, sharing their data to create “group averages” against which individual user performance can be tracked.

SMEasure is promoted by Julie’s Bicycle as a complementary tool to the IG Tool suite. Julie's Bicycle will be integrating functionality into IG Tools but broadening the scope to allow for wider impact measurement.

Bookwhen for event registration


Built to provide an easy to use online booking service, and as TidyApps' main in-house product, Bookwhen has grown to be loved by thousands of small businesses. It continues to be one of the most intuitive systems for taking registrations and payments online.

It was designed to work well for series of events such as classes, courses and workshops, yet is flexible enough to be tailored to many other types of booking. It is continually refined and enhanced to adapt to customer's feedback and our own exacting standards.

MRQual for market research


MrQual, a service product aimed at the qualitative market research sector, featuring advanced features such as dynamic participant room selection, media uploads, and a multi-level authorisation system.

The system was launched at the end of 2010 and has enjoyed a steady uptake and receives excellent feedback for its ease of use and innovation. The system is actively updated and maintained to meet customer demands and feedback.

SixDoorsDown for communities


Currently in development, this site promotes local connections in communities by helping people find others in their area with similar interests. The site uses a modern style of message streaming to bring a familiar social feel to existing communities and will ultimately provide a platform for social good.

Software Online

In the past, database systems would traditionally be unattractive things running on the desktop, and websites wouldn't be much more than online brochures. Now the lines have blurred with business systems existing online, and websites acting more like applications in themselves. At TidyApps we bridge this gap to produce modern online systems in a modern style.

Part of our mission is to help our customers make the most of the internet by offering affordable services that meet common requirements of businesses online.