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The Visionaries

The team is driven by the tireless motivation of our seasoned leaders, responsible for bringing to life your system and sprinkling on the touch of magic to make it stand out from the crowd. Their passion for the internet and vision of the future will ensure that the project exceeds your expectations.


Jonathan Potts

The main chap behind the operation. He's been building software professionally for over a decade. Having studied Computing at Imperial College London, he set out to become a database specialist in the financial sector, but now prefers building simple clean web systems.


Campbell Allen

Whenever he's not doing crazy frog impressions on a snowboard, Cam's busy working on GIS systems, data integration, and RESTful web services using Ruby on Rails. He has a degree in Software Engineering and Data Communications from the Queensland University of Technology, and a Masters Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Queensland.


Matt Gibb

Matt, the self-proclaimed polyglot programmer, is currently busy working on enhancements to the SMEasure project, whilst simultaneously putting the icing on his already impressive academic career cake, with an Oxford PhD in the electrophysiological effects of microstructure during cardiac arrhythmia.


Arek Turlewicz

Arek is a man machine. Some think he may actually be an android, and we're not talking smartphones. He loves the inner workings of complex systems but is equally comfortable hacking in a browser to create modern web interfaces. He loves Ruby, jQuery, HTML, CSS and other simple things like that. He occasionally flirts with mongodb but always ends up coming back to postgreSQL.


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