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We build intuitive data-centric web applications.

What we do

If you want your pages full of pointless swirls and frilly bits then we can do that, but it's not what we're about…

We specialise in making dynamic data-driven websites (web applications) designed for clarity and usability.

Static sites simply don't cut the mustard anymore. The web is about human interaction and data flow. Sites like this need to be built on a robust foundation, and that's where we can help.

We build our applications on the cutting edge Ruby on Rails framework which enables us to quickly deliver whatever system you need, whether it's simply an e-commerce site, or something that the world's never seen before.

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Who We Are

TidyApps was founded at the beginning of 2009 to create our first product, bookwhen. We now work mainly on client projects, whilst trying to find the time for our next masterpiece.

We are Jo Potts - founder, developer, and designer. Cam Allen - developer and data guru. Plus a handful of other web professionals to fill the gaps.

As a small and growing agency, we have the focus and passion to do things smarter. Our many years of experience designing and developing software have brought us to realise that simplicity works, so our mission is to focus on creating clear and user friendly software for the web - tidy applications.

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Our process

We start by listening to what you want. It's vital that we both start on the same page. From there we can focus the project goals to ensure that we put the emphasis on the most important things.

Then comes the initial design phase. Keeping the vision broad and not getting bogged down in details is important to keep the process agile, so we'll produce simple mockups of the main pages so you can make sure that things look right.

The main process and structure of how the app will work should now be clearly understood. It's time to bring your system to life. We'll create the application in short cycles, uploading changes as they're ready. You'll be able to see how the system evolves and steer development accordingly.